PrecisionBalance Balancing Compound

PrecisionBalance Balancing Compound

Complete Tire and Wheel Assembly Balancing
PrecisionBalance is a premium, internal balancing compound that provides an accurate, continual balance within the tire/wheel assembly for the life of the tread. Its ability to quickly adjust to the changing imbalance conditions provides the correct and perfect method of being able to balance all wheel assemblies resulting in fuel, labor & tire savings.

• Trouble Free Balance
• Increased Tire Life
• Improved Fuel Economy
• Reduce Vibration
• Reduce Maintenance
• Environmentally Friendly

How is PrecisionBalance used?
There are two methods of installing PrecisionBalance inside the tire. PrecisionBalance comes in an outside white plastic package:
1. Tear open and find inside a thin mil plastic bag of PrecisionBalance. Simply toss the inner bag into the tire; mount and inflate. Upon driving a short distance, the PrecisionBalance inner bag will open releasing the product inside the tire. The inner bag will not interfere with the product’s performance.
2. If the tire has already been mounted, PrecisionBalance can be installed through the valve stem using the applicator pump.
Remember, each package of PrecisionBalance contains a new valve core and cap.

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Tire Manufacturers Comments

Product Part No. Description Size Case/Qty
REMA PB-CS40-3 PrecisionBalance 3 oz 3 oz. 40
REMA PB-CS40-4 PrecisionBalance 4 oz 4 oz. 40
REMA PB-CS40-5 PrecisionBalance 5 oz 5 oz. 40
REMA PB-CS40-6 PrecisionBalance 6 oz 6 oz. 40
REMA PB-CS40-8 PrecisionBalance 8 oz 8 oz. 40
REMA PB-CS40-10 PrecisionBalance 10 oz 10 oz. 40
REMA PB-CS40-12 PrecisionBalance 12 oz 12 oz. 40
REMA PB-CS40-14 PrecisionBalance 14 oz 14 oz. 40
REMA PB-CS40-16 PrecisionBalance 16 oz 16 oz. 40